Welcome To ACCUFAST Bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping needs are unique and vary from company to company. We provide flexible options to ensure that your needs are met. Do you prefer to hand off all of the work, and just receive monthly reports and guidance? We can help with that as well, and anything in between. Filing taxes for an individual, corporation, partnership or LLC, Accufast ensure that your taxes are filed timely and accurately. We also provide guidance on how to maximize all legally available deductions so that you don’t pay more than you are required to. Accufast is committed to the highest standards of professionalism. Our level of service is exceptional and unparalleled. Our clients are long standing and loyal, evidenced by the substantial amount of new business referrals from our clients. We comprehensively address our clients’ business issues and develop intelligent solutions that result in sustainable success. Through our highly interactive and responsive service, we provide intensive, personal attention to every client. We have helped countless businesses attain long-term, substantial financial success.

Accufast believes in working collaboratively with clients through frequent communication, financial performance review, trend analysis, and the provision of knowledgeable guidance that facilitates goal achievement. In addition, we serve as a strong, stable partner in helping our clients to strategically navigate the changing economic and regulatory environment. Our range of accounting and assurance services expands beyond traditional financial statement compliance and includes: Internal control evaluations Forecast modeling and cash flow analysis Year-end planning Profit planning and budgeting Agreed-upon procedures